Indiana State Football Senior Day Against Western Illinois

Indiana State Closes Their 2017 Home Season

It really does not seem like that long ago that I was in Memorial Stadium as fall camp opened. The enthusiasm was fresh, and the season seemed like a long time away. Saturday I shot my final game of the year for the Sycamores showing just how fast football season can fly by. This season was one that I have been hoping for over the last few years in one way. It was fun being in with the team and getting some access as they progressed through the season. This was not the results we were hoping for, but seeing these players up close helped me gain some great perspective on what they go through.

The Glue That Holds It All Together

One thing that I noticed early on was just how much the players lean on Whitney their equipment manager. I started the season showing Whitney applying helmet decals on gameday. I thought that we might as well end the season with a photo of her as well. The team has so many people behind the scenes that you can’t name them all. It was fun being behind the scenes a bit though to see the impact that they all had.

The Fun Of Senior Day

Senior day is a double edged sword. On one hand you have all of the smiles and emotion of senior day. Photos like the one above are great fun to make. On the other hand you are saying goodbye to some great student athletes. Some of them are tied to personal success that I have had. As I was making the senior day photos I had the thought that I hope that all of these young men find something that they love to do after this. Football is a fun sport to be a part of. That is what makes it so hard to walk away from. That will happen for most of these young men after they play at Northern Iowa on Saturday.

Photographing Warm Ups

I have had a couple of people this week asking me why I shoot warm ups. Do I get paid more to do it? Why do I do it if I don’t get paid to do it? I look at it as a great way to warm up myself. If you put yourself in some impossible positions during warm ups and start to succeed then I feel that I am ready for the game. Warm up are a great way to get some shots of people that do not make it into the game. I never post them as game photos, but they are a great way to get shots of most of the players for the post game gallery.

The Week In Photos

Last week was one that was a lot of fun for me. Great games and familiar locations will do that. I remember thinking on Wednesday night that I already had a good collection of photos, and the best was yet to come. The weekend did not disappoint. Take a look at my favorite images from last week here.


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