2017 NCAA Great Lakes Regional

Back At The LaVern Gibson Cross Country Course

Cross country is a sport that I rarely get to photograph. When you look at what these athletes do it is quite amazing. They push their bodies to the extreme limits to get across the line as fast as they can. Watching them come across the finish line it is amazing to see the exertion they have put in. Lately it seems like I only photograph NCAA events which is fine with me. You get to see the best at what they do going head to head. Here in the Great Lakes Regional it was the best in the Midwest all vying for spots at the Nationals in Louisville next weekend.

Travelling Light

You really have to run across these course so I brought a light kit with me. I had my Canon 7D Mark II with the light 300mm f/4 on one side, and my 24-105mm f/4 on my Canon 5D Mark IV on the other side. I had a 17-40mm lens on my belt in case I needed it, but I really did not bring that out. Not having the bulky old 400mm lens on the monopod really came into play as I was running from vantage point to vantage point.

The Tree Of Shoes

I found this cool tree near the team area on the course, and I knew that it would make for a good photo. I don’t know the story behind the tree, but it looks like a place to deposit your old shoes that you don’t need anymore. I tried to find a good composition to show some of those shoes close up. This one was my favorite.  I chose this angle because of the leg that was thrown up into the tree as well.

The Start To A Busy Weekend

This was an early wake up call for me. It was a fun morning photographing everything around the meet, and it was totally worth it. After the event was over I uploaded my photos and hopped in a car headed to Bloomington to cover the Indiana State team against the Hoosiers. That was a fun game that I will talk about that more tomorrow.


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