Xavier Volleyball Takes On Butler

The Musketeers Take On The Bulldogs In Hinkle Fieldhouse

Last night I was back in Hinkle Fieldhouse again photographing Xavier volleyball. The last time that I saw the Xavier volleyball team they were winning a Big East tournament game in Hinkle. Now nearly a year later I am able to photograph the team again. This team has a lot of fun playing the game, and they make photographing them fun as well. I have been following the season from afar so it was good to see them up close and personal again.

Shaking the Rust Out

I don’t think that I had a bad game, but I really have not shot much volleyball this year. That is a shame as it is a fun, quick sport where you can be close and capture the emotion. I shot a scrimmage for Purdue, and three matches for Indiana State before this game. The bad part was all of that was before September. I have really enjoyed shooting volleyball in the past, but the opportunities just were not there this year. Maybe I can squeeze a couple of more matches in quickly before the season ends.

Photographing In Hinkle Fieldhouse

Hinkle Fieldhouse is an amazing place to photograph sports. It is an old barn that just makes for a good backdrop. The only downside to photographing there is that it is an old building, and it was not meant to house photographers. I usually just end up heading home to transmit my images because of the lack of internet. It is a small price to pay for getting to photograph such an iconic building. Every time I go I seem to make a new photo of this old gem. Here the sunset gave a great orange glow to the windows over the court making for an interesting photo.


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