Blue Hour, Gold Tower

Perfect Timing

A while back we were leaving the Alton Brown show at the Elliot Hall of Music when I realized that the show let out at the perfect time. The sky was a beautiful blue, and of course we came out facing the Purdue bell tower. The gold light on the tower against the blue sky was just too much. Instead of hurrying to the car to head home I ran a few steps forward to make this photo. This is one of those unexpected photos that sometimes turn out the best.

Finding A New Subject

I really do just focus on a few things when I am on the campus of Purdue. It is hard to ignore the bell tower and the engineering fountain though. Here with the light just right the gold lights on the clock tower made this photo a no brainer. If the conditions are right then why photograph something else? Not many other buildings on campus are as iconic on campus as the clock tower.


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