Falling Up

Taking The DJI Phantom 4 Pro Above The Fall Foliage

One of the things that I was most excited about when I bought my drone was flying above fall foliage. I liked the idea of getting the birds eye view that I had only seen so far from a plane. Here I was able to get out and really pick my spots to try and make images. So far I still think that I am looking for that perfect spot. I have made some photos so far though that really show you what an epic event this is. This is a phenomenal sight to see every year that collectively we treat as something that is not too big of a deal. If I said that it wouldn’t happen for ten more years people would be lined up to follow it across the country from the north to the south.

Twisting and Turning

Part of the fun of the drone has been getting creative with it. This is not totally my creative notion here. I am borrowing a concept that my friend Trevor Mahlmann used for Christmas lights last year. You can see his photo here. I knew that I needed a cloudy day to pull this off, and luckily you get a few of those in the fall. I set my camera up for a two second exposure and flipped the stick to spin the drone. When it was fully spinning I started making some photos. It is definitely different although I am not too sure what my final verdict is yet.


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