More Art In Downtown Lafayette

Art In Downtown Lafayette

The art that has been popping up in downtown Lafayette the last few years has all been amazing. It gives you a new reason to just walk around downtown to see what is new. Last week while downtown for the trick or treat event they had the sky really started to light up. After a while with no good sunsets it was amazing to see a great one unfold in front of me. The sky was looking great when I was walking by the piece ‘We Rise Above’ which was made by Robert Barnum. I really love this sculpture and all that it represents. It was the perfect foreground element with the beautiful sky.

Sunday Morning Wabash River

One of the highlights of the Chicago Art Museum is taking a close up look at the famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. The work by Seurat is fantastic, and it has so many little moments in it. Now Lafayette has its own version called Sunday Morning Lafayette. Zach Medler has done a great job of taking the classic work and giving it a Lafayette spin. This is a must see now in Lafayette.


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    1. Thanks for commenting. Rugby is one sport that I never photograph, but I have always wanted to. I drive past the field on my way to Indiana State all of the time. I really need to check their schedule.

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