Xavier Swimming Takes On Cleveland State

A Visit To Xavier

I have worked for Xavier many times now, but never on the campus of the university. This weekend that will all change. Over the course of the next couple of days I will shoot four sports on campus. This is a fun week in a cool city that we have visited as a family lately. It is cool to get to do a little work here. I have shot for the Xavier swim team in the past, but this was cool to see them on their home turf. One the course of the next couple of days you will see some of the fun that I will have here in town.

The First Trial of Lightroom Classic

I had played around with the new Lightroom Classic before my trip to Cincinnati, but I had yet to give it a real test. That test was of course ingesting several cards from the swim meet. I still don’t know what I think about the new way the program works. I think that it really is just as fast as it once was. It took a little longer to ingest the cards, but then it seemed to be quick once they were there. Over the next couple of weeks I will have a much better sense of what exactly I am working with. I love staying inside of Lightroom and needing no other programs in my workflow. Maybe we are finally there for the most part.

Getting Wet To Get the Shot

For some reason I think that I was splashed more last night then ever before shooting a swim meet. I was absolutely soaked by the time I walked over to soccer. It must have been the pool, but after getting hit a lot early I quickly learned to get out of the way once I was out of range for the 400mm lens. I was happy with my take though so it was well worth the water.


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