Over The Purdue Bell Tower

Flying the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Over the Purdue Bell Tower

This is yet another one of the photos that I made of the Purdue bell tower during my first flight over campus last winter. I made a lot of photos that I liked that day, and some like this one kind of got lost in the shuffle as far as posting goes. There is something here that I really like though. I decided to ignore the sunset and stay with the tower and everything below it. That golden light just looks amazing as it hits campus. Sometimes it is good to forget about the obvious part of a photo. I normally would also have the bell tower above the horizon to show how tall it is. There is something that I like here where it is down in the frame. Maybe it is just the fact that I am breaking one of my rules.

Flying Your Drone Responsibly

As of my writing this post I have seen a lot of videos lately showing people flying their drone without regard for anyone or anything. The viral videos get a lot of likes and retweets but they also showcase the bad side of having a drone. Nobody shares videos of a safe drone flight so all the general public sees are crazy pilots who will do anything to get a thumbs up. When drones first started becoming a thing I resisted buying one because I thought that they would all be banned soon. I still think that we are one big accident away from that happening. Right now there are too many people abusing the privilege.

Using the ‘New’ Lightroom

This has been a year of change for me. My Coke Zero went away and was replaced by Coke Zero Sugar. It was supposed to be something completely different, but it turned out to tasted exactly the same as Coke Zero. Now my beloved Lightroom goes away and is replaced with Lightroom Classic. I have not gotten very much time to use the new program yet, but from what I have tried it is improved. Masking inside of Lightroom that is pretty accurate is always a good thing. I have not had a chance to see what the speed boost is yet, but with four games in three days I think that I will get to test that out very well. I have played around with the new Lightroom CC which is the cloud based edition, and so far I am not impressed. With that said I don’t save everything to the cloud, and I have not had time to figure out where everything is yet. I like the idea of easily transferring photos from my phone to my laptop. I used to text or email them to myself, and then I finally just started sending them through the bluetooth. Having a way to edit and upload my mobile images is a great idea. Right now I have both versions of Lightroom on my computer with the intent to try them out a bit this weekend. We will see how that plays out.


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