Day Two Of #ACLFest

Day Two Of The Austin City Limits Music Festival

The second day of the Austin City Limits Music Festival was kind of broken up into two parts for me. The first part was spent in the Austin Kiddie Limits area with my daughter. She is a trooper who goes along with us for a long weekend of music that we like. At four years old I feel that she deserves a little fun as well. Deep in the ACL Festival is a great place for kids to hang out. You can still really hear the band on the main stage well, and Lanie had fun with everything to do in there. On the second day they had some circus performers wandering around. Lanie was amazed by the man on stilts because of how tall he was, and she loved the men juggling. Here I was able to capture both of them in one frame.

Boilermakers Everywhere

While watching one of the performers I noticed a Purdue flag flying in the wind. It was gameday so I went over to say hi. I don’t think that the people who put the flag up were there as everyone seemed pretty surprised that I would care about the flag. I kind of feel like I did when I was living in Iowa this year. I have not seen the Boilers play at home yet. I actually moved there to be closer to them, but the way that things have worked out I have not seen a home game yet this season. The way that things are shaking out I will be lucky if I see a home football game this year for them.

Hi Willie! Or Should I Say High Willie?

While walking around Austin finding our breakfast spot we walked by the Willie Nelson statue that is in downtown Austin. Willie is really revered there, and it is interesting to see just how he is honored all over town. Here I liked the idea of Willie up against one of the taller buildings in town. They are both high, but in their own way.

Oh Yeah, There Was a Concert Too

This is the only real concert photo that I made on day two. Cody Jinks was performing on the Honda stage, and I was really enjoying his show. I don’t listen to a lot of country normally, but when I hear it live I usually enjoy it. He had a special brand of country that was great to just sit and listen to. This was the one time that I pulled the camera out to make a photo of any concert action that day. The light was not great, and I really had not great ideas from my position way in the back.

Putting the iPhone to the Test

It was one year ago when I was at ACL with the just released iPhone 7 Plus. Since that time I have made thousands of photos with it. I am still impressed at how well it can capture things in good light. Here it allowed me to capture a moment that I don’t know I would have gotten with the Sony around my neck. The slight lag in the Sony is not good for action. I pulled my phone out and nailed the picture. The sheer joy here is what the festival is all about.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week using some different tools than I normally do. My weekly look back at my favorite photos of the week is filled with some fun photos made with my iPhone as well as the Sony rX1 II that I rented for the trip. You can take a look at those photos here.

An Unexpected Contest

I really never expected to be a part of the 2017 MiLBY’s. I only shot two minor league games this year, and they were in the same ballpark on back to back days. With that in mind I wasn’t even looking for the contest. It took a reader pointing it out to me to see that I was a part of it. My photo of White Sox prospect Yoan Moncada signing autographs before his game against the Indianapolis Indians was selected as one of the photos of the year. If you look at the other photos nominated it is just an honor to be there. If you want to help me win you can click here and vote for my photo in the Photo of the Year section. Two years ago I won with a photo that I made in a similar situation. I only shot a couple of games, but circumstances worked out well for me.


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