A Snowy Campus

Snow Falls on the Campus of Purdue University

Is it too early to think about snow yet? I am not one for hot weather, and that last hot spell in late September was too much for me. I am ready for some snow to start hitting. I really have never shot a football game in a real snow storm yet so why not this weekend? That might be a bit too quick for even me. I do like looking at and editing some of my cold weather photos on hot days though. This was a fun one from a great walk around campus. Sometimes you think the snow will really come down and it doesn’t. On this day it kept coming down harder and harder allowing us to make some interesting photos.

A Newer Preset

I have some presets that I use in certain situations. This is one that I use on days with a grey sky. It adds some color to my photo. Here I thought that it really brought this photo to life. I have never been very good at naming presets. I usually name them something very literal like cold on top and warm on bottom. I have started to try and make it fun though so I have tried to come up with some names for them. I couldn’t think of one for this one so I ended up just calling it Superman III. Maybe I have watched too much Office Space and that informed my decision here. Either way this is a far better Superman III than the original.


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