Gameday Landscapes

Shooting a Few Landscapes on Gameday

One thing about going out on a business trip with a team is that you don’t have control on the schedule. I was in a state that I have only been in while touring Arlington National Cemetery in 8th grade, but with no time to explore. Imagine my excitement when I looked out over the Liberty soccer field and saw this scene. I had just gotten to the stadium, but it was over four hours until the kickoff of the game. I had some time to try a couple of things. I put my 70-200mm on my Canon 5D Mark IV and started trying to find some interesting little scenes. It was a cool way to get some shots in that I normally would have missed. Between my morning walk and this short shoot before the game I made some photos of Lynchburg that I was happy with. That makes a good trip great for me.

The Week In Photos

When I first put my week in photos post together I had completely forgotten to place these pregame shots in it. The first group of people to see the post overnight did not get the entire week in photos. You can view the complete week in photos here on my Exposure site. We are coming up on two years of putting these together now, and they are still fun to do. It is nice to put your favorite stuff from the week out there. It is even better when people come to look at it. Thank you to all of those who do that.


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