Lafayette Roller Derby Headshots

Making Headshots With Lafayette Roller Derby

The name has changed, but the fun still remains. For most of the last few years I have had some fun making portraits of the local roller derby club. The team has now now changed their name to Lafayette Roller Derby, but they are the same great team. These shoots certainly do not make me rich, but they are very fun to do. I spend as much time laughing as I do making images. They are a fun bunch to be around, and the personalities are fun to photograph. This year was no exception.

A Studio Thanks To A Friend

I don’t make headshots very often. With that in mind it does not make much sense for me to have studio space. In a situation like this one the studio is a nice thing to have. Thanks to my friend John Underwood I was able to use his space to make the photos. He has a great loft that has a nice studio in it. It is a great space that I have always been envious of. When the team saw the beautiful brick wall on the side of his loft my worry about what backdrop to use was over.

Come Check Out Live Roller Derby

The Lafayette Roller Derby team will be back on the track on October 14th. If you have not seen roller derby yet then I suggest you come out and give it a try. It really is fun to watch. If you have been to a game they you know how much fun it is, and you need to come back out. These women really do everything from fund raising,  to the event planning, and even the skating. They spend quite a bit of their free time to make sure that you have some great weekend entertainment.


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