A Walk Around Comiskey

Taking a Day to Appreciate Comiskey Park

A couple of years ago I had a fall afternoon to walk around the outside of Comiskey Park. The park has had a couple of names since it opened, but it is always the name of the field that changes not the park. At the time it was a few days away from the tenth anniversary of the White Sox World Series. During a year like this one that championship year seems far away. It was nice to have the stadium all to myself that day. That was crazy enough that last time that I was at the old stadium. It is crazy how fast the summer goes by, and you realize that you have not made a game for the second straight year. With my schedule the way that it is I have doubts that I will make it this year. If I do you can bet that I will have some fun making photos.

A Fun Day in 1985

Thirty-two years ago today my father took me to my first Major League Baseball game. At that point of the season as with most White Sox seasons the hopes of being in the playoffs was winding down. It was a fun day watching the South Side boys play against the Blue Jays. Before the game in the concourse I had a chance meeting with a player. Carlton Fisk was in a slump at the time, and taking some extra hitting in the cage next to the concourse. As he came out he spent a couple of minutes with me signing my program. That day cemented a love for the game. At the time I told myself that when I became a big league baseball player I would take the time to talk to the fans. Things did not turn out the way that I had planned. Maybe someday I can get into the big league game as a photographer. Even if that happens I doubt if any of the kids in the stands would want my autograph.


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