The John Wooden Statue at Mackey Arena

Purdue Gets It So Right With the John Wooden Statue

Ever since the John Wooden statue was put up outside of Mackey Arena I have been transfixed by it. I rarely walk by without making a photo. The photo above was made for example as I was walking by after listening to head volleyball coach Dave Shondell give a preseason speech to the fans. I saw the light hitting it just so, and I thought of a preset that would look great here. This is a great way to remind everyone what greats have come from Purdue. Just across the way is a great statue of Neil Armstrong. I was trying to decide where the Joe Tiller or Drew Brees statue should go or who should have one first. Then it dawned on me. There is a great photo of Drew and Joe after Purdue clinched the Rose Bowl against IU. That is the statue. How cool would it be to see a life-size bronze version of that moment as you walk up to Ross Ade Stadium? So much is happening to upgrade the experience for football right now so it would be greedy to push for this right away. This is something that I would love to see happen in the near future though. It would be nice to get it done with enough time for both men to be here to help unveil it. Who else would you like to see Purdue honor around their stadiums?

About the Preset

This is a preset that I call “warmth from the side”. I take my normal import preset, and I have added to graduated filters to the photo. The first from the left hand side going just past the middle I have added a golden color to the photo. On the right hand side I placed a similar graduated filter, and then added blue to it. The way the light was hitting the statue here I thought that this could work out well, and I think that it has. Creative presets are not for everyday use. They are a way for me to compliment a photo, or to enhance it. Here I think that the preset was the reason that I made the photo in the first place.


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