On A Quest To See The Eclipse

Changing Plans To Watch The Eclipse

Yesterday was a well thought out day. Every part of it was planned to get a good shot. I had already decided to not point my camera at the sky during the day. My rigged filter was probably not good enough so why waste time on that. Looking at social media I see that many had pointed their camera up. I had the idea to just photograph things on the ground. The people looking up and the interesting eclipse shadows that you get. The plan was to do all of this at Purdue. As I picked the oldest one up from school though the rain started coming down. The radar made it look very iffy for us to get to see the eclipse. This was something we wanted to do so after a quick lunch we started up north. By going north we were making the eclipse not as good, but the storms were to the south so it seemed like the right way to go. We found a break in the clouds and stopped there to watch something amazing happen. The clouds did break on campus in time for the eclipse, but we got to watch much more of it from our little country road. The adventure to get there was pretty fun as well.

Where to Find Good Eclipse Photos

There are many places that you can find good eclipse photos. Yesterday was a day where it seems like nearly everyone had some form of camera out. My friend Trevor Mahlmann spent quite a lot of time planning his eclipse day, and it paid off for him. Check out his eclipse gallery here. Not only did he manage to get the normal eclipse photos of the ring and the corona, he also has a great shot of the space station moving across the partial eclipse. Head on over and check his photos out.


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