Indiana State Football Puts On The Pads

Full Pads Means That Football Season Is Here

Friday really felt like a fall day. The kids were talking about how it felt like pumpkin carving weather. I thought that it was football weather. I am not the biggest fan of summer so beautiful fall days photographing football sound good to me. That is why I woke up early Saturday morning to head down to Indiana State. They are building something special there so why not get some football in?

The Energy Will Win It

One thing that you notice right away when you look at the new Indiana State coaching staff is the energy they bring to what they do. They have such a high level of energy that it just has to translate over to the players. At one point after a touchdown it was amazing to see a coach sprint about eighty yards to celebrate with the player. The knowledge and energy is something that I don’t think the prognosticators can account for. This season could be a a special one for Indiana State. I think something special is starting here, and we can all look to these early days when it does.

A New Kit

I really have been having fun playing with a couple of new toys at these practices. Recently I have purchased the Canon 100-400mm and Canon 11-24mm lenses. On gameday I will have my 400mm f/2.8 with me for sure. During these practices when I want to be a bit more mobile and get in the huddles the size of the 100-400mm works much better. It really is an amazing lens that I can’t believe I didn’t pick up before. The 11-24mm allows me to really get in tight at times and make some interesting images. On game day I think that the 11-24mm will be too wide, but for practices it is perfect.

What Is Next?

The next time I will be at Indiana State will be next Saturday when they have their first scrimmage of fall camp. It will be interesting to see who has made their way to the top of the Indiana State depth chart. Before that though I will be in South Bend to see the Purdue Soccer team start their season at Notre Dame. The fall sports season is starting to really crank up a bit here. Before you know it this blog will be all sports again. Before that can happen though here are a few bonus photos that I liked from the day.


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