A Quickly Changing Sunset

Up And Out To Photograph the Sunset

Last night we had just got home from dinner when the sky started to look like it could light up. It also looked like it could rain. At one point the sky really started to light up. I grabbed my Think Tank backpack with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro in it, and ran outside. At times my family must think that I am crazy when I just take off outside. It is a testament to how fast you can get the quadcopter up that I was able to make any photos. In just a couple of minutes I was able to get the quad up to see the amazing sunset. I stopped my aperture down to f/10 to get a little sunburst to make this look a little cooler. I also went to just above the tree line to allow the sun to just peek out. Both of those combined to give me a pretty cool effect. The sunset was over almost before it started, but it was amazing for the short time that I was able to witness it.

Always Look Behind You

A common theme on the blog is to look behind you. That is because sometimes something really cool is happening behind you. The sunset in front of me was amazing. It was changing very fast, but I took the time to rotate the drone to see what was behind me. I saw this awesome cloud and the small patch of light and the rainbow. Thankfully I did turn around as I made two interesting photos last night because of it. I didn’t face behind me very long, but it was worth the couple of minutes to do it.

Are Drones Going to Be Banned?

After writing this I read a piece by the local paper stating that the city of West Lafayette was thinking about banning drones. The buzzword that kept coming up was voyeurism. It is amazing how scared people are of drones as a way to spy on other people. If they only knew how little you can see with a  24mm lens from the height you should be. I think that the general public has no idea about drones so the worst case scenario is what they imagine. The majority of West Lafayette is in Class D airspace anyway so a local law would ban drones from a place where you need clearance to fly as a federal law anyway. This will be interesting if drones become the hot topic for the next election. What do you think about drones?


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