Back To the Brickyard

One More Year At the Brickyard

If you know me than you know that my trip to the Brickyard last year was horrible. I made a few decent pictures, but I spent most of the weekend in some state of a heat stroke. With no hot pass I could not get anywhere worth shooting, and it was a long trek to get anywhere for a decent shot. The problem was in the fact that I went way too hard on the first day because I was so excited to be there. I even tried after throwing up to shoot an ARCA race that first night. It was madness, but I learned a lot in the process. I swore that I would never shoot that race again unless I was paid a lot of money to do it. Well here I am back in Indy to shoot the weekend again. Why is that you say? The answer is a bit complicated. I have poured my heart and soul into shooting sports for the last few years. In return I have done some really cool things, but I have never really gotten to where I want to be. At the end of the last school year I made a deal with myself that this upcoming summer and school year would be my farewell tour so to speak. I have some really cool shoots lined up in some places that I have wanted to shoot for a while now. When that year is over if I am still in the same position that I am today…who knows. The hours that I have put into this thing have taken away from my family time. At this point I really only seem to be doing it for myself so why am I still doing it? With no clear goal I just seem to be drifting along. With that in mind I still want to shoot some things before the end of the year. I have a few things that I think I could do better at the Brickyard hot pass or no hot pass. I want to shoot in a few venues that I have not shot in before. This last year will be a good one to go out on if that is truly what is going to happen.

Beating the Heat

Last year one thing that really started getting to me was the heat. On day one I tried to do too much too fast and ended up with heat stroke. You can recover enough to feel better the next day, but you never really get over it that quickly. This year I decided to really make sure that I was doing everything that I could to protect myself during the day. I went in with a plan instead of just aimlessly walking around trying to get into photo locations. This year with a gameplay I was able to conserve a little energy, and make it to the end of the day.

More To Come

With the hectic day at the track and an early wakeup I know that I won’t get a good recap of the events in. With that in mind the next couple of days will have a much more detailed look at both races this weekend and the events surrounding them. Stay tuned for more.


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