When Art and Basketball Collide

The Basketball Court at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

For years now I have driven by the Indianapolis Museum of Art and wondered about the basketball court that I could see from the road. I always wanted to drive down and see what it was, but the time just never was on my side. I usually am driving home late at night from Butler, and I just want to get home. This past winter while coming home from a day game at Butler I finally stopped by. There was much more to explore here than I thought there would be. I finally made some pictures, and decided to come back when the trees looked a little better. I still need to get back there.

From the Air

Part of the fun at the time of finally visiting the sculpture was flying over it with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. I liked what I saw from up above, but I wanted a different view. I basically made the same photo that is at the top of the post with my drone, but I decided that I wanted more megapixels so I broke out my dSLR to make that shot. Really what the drone has given me is the ability to completely cover something. This might be an even cooler shot around blue hour when the lights have kicked on.

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