Jimmy Buffett Plays His 50th Show at the Riverbend Music Center

Jimmy Buffett Plays His 50th Show at the Riverbend Music Center

When we were getting ready to head to Cincinnati to see Jimmy Buffett play I did some reading up on the concert. I was trying to see who the opening act was. He has had some interesting ones in past shows so I was wondering who I would see here. I couldn’t find anything so I kept digging. That digging helped me come to some cool information. The show we were going to see was the 50th that Jimmy would play at the Riverbend Music Center. That is quite an impressive feat to play 50 shows in one venue. With the age of the disposable venue and the move to playing in ballparks who knows if this will be done again. It was cool to see that we were going to the home of the Parrothead reference and to the site of many good shows.

Seeing Jimmy Buffett Play Live Again

Until 2012 I had never seen Jimmy Buffett play live. My wife went with some friends on a yearly trip to see him, and in that year I tagged along. I did it mainly to just see what it was all about. I figured there would be some good photos in it for me as well. Fast forward to 2017 and I am seeing my sixth show in a row. The last four years we have seen four shows in four states. I don’t know that it was planned, but it was just how all of our schedules worked out. Next year I am pushing to see him play in Hawaii. No matter where we see him play next year I am sure that it will be a good show. One great thing about how the schedule worked out is that I was able to hear ‘A Pirate At Forty’ twice while I was forty. One of my favorite Buffett songs that I always thought would be cool to hear when I am forty. At the time though that seemed like it was so far away. Next summer I will have to change the words to forty-one I guess.


What a Difference RAW Can Make

The photo above was one of my favorites from the show at first glance. It was put into a folder to edit when I had time. When I started editing the photo something was off. I then realized that for some reason my camera only saved jpegs for a short span of the concert. It is not a one button push to switch modes so I am curious as to what happened. Without all of that RAW data this photo was not quite what I thought it should be. The G16 is a good camera, and it can make photos that are good enough for me at these concerts. When I am not in RAW mode though I don’t know that I can trust it. This looks a bit like an old cell phone picture. Something had to be off during this song. I only pulled the camera out a few times, and who knows what happened this time.

The Aftermath

As the concert was ending I realized that there was no good way to get out of the venue. Instead of shuffling out in one big conga line we sat down on the astroturf to wait it out. It was then that I really noticed the amount of trash left on the lawn. It was an unbelievable amount just left for someone else to pick up. This is the ugly side of concerts that you don’t usually take the time to see.

The Week In Photos

For the third time in the last four weeks part of my week in photos will include concert photos. It must be summer. Right now I think that it will be October before I see my next concert although I have a great idea to head back to Cincinnati to see a cool show. Still looking into how I can make that happen. In the meantime check out my favorite photos from last week here.


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