Sunset Over St. Mary Star of the Sea

Another Year With a Great View of the Sunset

Last year when we first got to our condo I saw this cross just off of our balcony. It was across the street, but right in line with the sunset. Our first night in Ocean City I started making photos of the church at sunset. Back when we did not stay on the boardwalk I would always park and get a photo of the this church from ground level. It is cool to always have a great view of it from our condo. Each sunset seemed to be different giving me plenty of opportunities to try something new.

Making the Same Photo Again

Like I said at the top of this post, this was the first photo that I made in 2016 when we got to Ocean City. Why would I keep making the same photo from the same spot? Each night or opportunity that I had to make a photo the scene seemed to change. It was always a different photo, and a chance to make a better photo than the last time I did. In the end this one might be one of my favorites because of the cloud that was coming in. It gave me the chance to get the blue sky and the orange reflection on the cloud in one shot. I am sure that at least one more photo of the St. Mary Star of the Sea will find its way onto this blog before it is all said and done.


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