Day One of the NCAA Baseball Tournament Louisville Regional

Traveling To Photograph The NCAA Tournament Again

This is the third year that I have travelled to photograph the NCAA Tournament. In the first year I followed a team I had worked for, and picked up a team I have shot a few times since. Last year was much the same. This year I followed Xavier to Louisville to photograph them here. Along the way I also picked up Oklahoma which makes the trip much more worthwhile. This is the time of the year that I live for. I love baseball, and the emotions of a tournament atmosphere are amazing. Last week I was lucky enough to see some great tournament baseball in the Big Ten Tournament. Here in Louisville the stakes are higher, but the same seasons are on the line. That win or go home mentality makes the photos better, and that will keep me shooting this tournament as long as I can.

Photographing From The Xavier Perspective

As I said above I am shooting for both Xavier and Oklahoma this weekend. Of course the first game saw both teams play each other. I thought that I would talk about what I saw from the Xavier perspective here. For most of the game Xavier was in the drivers seat with a two run lead. They had their ace on the mound, and all they needed was three more innings of clean baseball. As far as Xavier was concerned I had some really good stuff that I just needed to upload to the team. Had they pulled out the victory I think that I had a really good gallery to give them. Two days later we all know how that ended. They did not win the game, and I don’t know how many people saw the gallery.

Photographing From the Oklahoma Perspective

For most of the game I had some decent stuff from the Oklahoma perspective, but nothing great. They only had gotten a couple of hits with no runs. Then the seventh inning happened. In that inning they used a couple of breaks to put seven runs on the board, and move into the winners bracket. I was trying to think of how to put together a gallery before that inning. You still have to give your client something. That inning helped me make my best images of the game, and give them something really good.

Seeing Louisville Play in Person

After I was done uploading my files to both teams I walked out to the field to photograph Louisville for a while. They are an exciting team that has produced a large amount of pros over the last few years. It looks like there is another crop getting ready to be drafted again this year. This team could go very far in the tournament. They have to beat some good teams along the way to do it though. As I write this they have a very good Oklahoma team coming up shortly. At this point it would take two wins to get to the super regionals. From there it is a coin flip as far as Omaha goes.


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