Day Two of the NCAA Baseball Tournament Louisville Regional

Another Day at the Louisville Regional

Day two of the Louisville Regional was an interesting one. I had a game at noon to start the day. It was an important one as Xavier needed to beat Radford to advance to the next day. Elimination games are fun to shoot because the emotion is there, but they are also tough to shoot as you are hanging on every pitch. Every at bat could decide the game. Xavier came out firing and made sure that they would play another day. After a lengthy span between games Oklahoma took on host Louisville in the winner’s bracket game. The big inning that Oklahoma used to get into the winner’s bracket came back to haunt them as Louisville did the same to them. It was a rough end of the game for Oklahoma who used a lot of pitchers to get to the end. The events of day two would set up a showdown on day three between the two schools that hired me to shoot for them again. I will have more on day three on the blog tomorrow.

Shooting in the Beautiful Light

Saturday night saw some beautiful light fall into Patterson Stadium. For most of the first few innings of the game I shot with the light because it was so good. I shot the players in the field much longer than I normally would have without really shooting the batters because I wanted to use the light. As it turned out I was still able to get all of the batting that I needed, but I also was able to make some nice photos in the sun. That is what it is all about isn’t it? On a day when many games around the country had trouble with the rain we had some great light.

Brendan McKay The Pitcher

During the nightcap of the day I was able to watch Brendan McKay pitch. From what I have been told by multiple people he is either a sure pitcher in the draft or a sure hitter. At this point I say why not both? Bo Jackson could play two sports. Why can’t Brendan do both as he moves up? Early in the game I had an idea for a photo. I waited until the photo wolves cleared out from behind the plate, and I made the photo above. It is not the typical shot of the pitcher head on, and that is why I like it.

My Favorite Baseball Kit

When I am working a baseball game I have a three camera setup that I love to use. I have my Canon 1DX on my Canon 400mm lens. That is the primary camera and lens in this setup. On my left side is my Canon 7D Mark II with my 70-200mm lens on it. That gives me a chance to get some photos from a mid range. I don’t use the camera much, but it usually results in a couple of images in the gallery. On my right side I have my Canon 5D Mark IV with my 24-105mm lens on it. For most of my games this gives me a wide to moderate focal length, and it covers the extra ground lost by putting the 7D Mark II on the 70-200mm lens. This basically gives me coverage for nearly any shot I would need to make. In a tournament like this one I will change up this combination a bit to get a different look. The 400mm almost always sits on my 1DX. The rest of the kit is up for grabs. For most of the second day I had the 17-40mm on the Canon 5D4 for a change. It allowed me to get a little closer during the pregame to get something different.

Float Like a Butterfly

Saturday marked the one year anniversary of the death of Muhammed Ali. He meant a lot to the city of Louisville, and the Cardinals honored him with a decal on the helmet. What a cool way to honor the greatest.


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