Traffic From Above

Seeing Traffic From Above

While in Chicago a couple of months ago I spent some time checking out the city. One way that I had never checked out the city before was from the air. I have been up against windows in tall buildings before, but never had a view like this one. By flying off of the parking garage across the street I was able to get this view.

Flying the Drone in the Big City

One thing that I wanted to do in Chicago was to fly my drone a bit. I flew it a couple of times while in the city. The first was this time just off the edge of my parking garage. The second was the Navy Pier flight that I made. With all of the interference I did not want to fly too much in between the buildings downtown. The photos and video look amazing. The bad thing is that I don’t know how safe it really is. I don’t want to be the guy that shuts down the drone industry because of a bad crash.


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