Purdue Baseball Takes On Northwestern On A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

Purdue and Northwestern Battle It Out With the Big Ten Tournament On The Line

Sunday afternoon I went to the Purdue softball game which you can read about here. I also attended the Purdue baseball game against Northwestern. Northwestern is on the outside looking in right now for the Big Ten Tournament, and Purdue came into the game tied for 5th place in the league. The last couple of weeks will be interesting to see who is in and who is out of the Big Ten Tournament. There is a lot of baseball left to play, but a win Sunday would have made the road much easier for Purdue. They now have to face a tough Michigan team this week to try and solidify that spot in the tournament. If they want to make some noise in Bloomington they need to beat teams of Michigan’s caliber so it will be a good test for them.

Making Something Different at Alexander Field

I have been shooting at Alexander Field since the park opened in 2013. Sunday I was trying to make some photos that looked different than anything that I had made up to this point. At one point during the game I was sitting down shooting through a net to really have a look up at the players. That allowed me to get the beautiful blue sky in my frame, and do something a little different. It helped me make some photos from the game that I was very happy with.

Let’s Turn Two!

After a few years of shooting I still don’t think that I have nailed the classic double play shot yet. In my mind that is the shot of the runner sliding into second with the middle infielder jumping over them. I have made that shot in the past, but it is always from an elevated position. Here I still did not get that portfolio shot that I am looking for, but I was able to make something interesting. This was not entirely backlit, but fairly close. that allowed all of the dirt particles to show up even more. Add to that the fact that my camera was nearly at ground level, and you have a very interesting photo. I want to sit here for a while next weekend to see if I can get the shot I have in mind. I find myself excited at times when a really fast runner is at first. It seems that the player being there quickly often results in a great double play turn. 

It’s All In The Details

At one point while sitting near first base I was having some fun using my lens to get in tight to the action. With my 400mm a few feet from the action at first I was able to get in tight to see some of the details. I never really made the shot that I had in mind, but this one was pretty cool. It is the little things that get me excited about photography. This is definitely a topic that I will pursue a little further as the summer goes on.

The Week In Photos

Last week I had most of the early part of my week rained out. A great couple of days on the weekend made up for that. You can see my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure page. At one point I was getting away from sports and into other things for a while. The return of baseball and softball to the area really put sports back at the forefront in the weekly feature.


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