Purdue Softball Scores Late to Beat Nebraska

Purdue Surges Ahead of Nebraska in the 6th Inning For the Big Ten Win

Yesterday was a beautiful day for some hardball. I went out to the athletic complex to watch the Purdue baseball and softball teams play. I will talk a little about the Purdue baseball game in another post, but I want to focus on the Purdue softball game here. I arrived late in the game, but I was amazed by the crowd. Later on I saw that it was a stadium record crowd. I can believe it. The stands were packed, and they were treated to a show. Purdue used three runs in the sixth inning to take the victory and head into senior day with a little momentum.

A Chamber of Commerce Day at Bittinger Stadium

Yesterday was just an absolutely beautiful day for baseball and softball. Not only did I get to photograph some great games I also was able to work on my tan. You can’t ask for much better weather to play in. Today looks to be more of the same so I look forward to shooting the game. The sun being out allows you to see the dust flying around the field. It makes it much easier to tell the story of the game because it gives your photos some motion.

When Worlds Collide

Softball is a game where things happen fast. I think that is why I love shooting it so much is that it is not easy to get peak action in the field. When you do it is very rewarding. The play above may not have been the peak of the action, but it was an interesting moment just after it. A looping liner just out of the infield comes down quickly. Two Boilers racing for the ball collide just after one of them caught the ball. Everyone was okay after the play, and it provided a photo a little different than the rest.

For the Seniors

Not long after this post will go live I will be back at Bittinger Stadium for Senior Day. Senior day is one that is always filled with emotion, and there seems to be a little extra electricity around the game. Three Boilers will be playing their final game at Bittinger Stadium for Purdue. It is always sad to see the seniors go, but you know that they will do good things once they leave Purdue. From my spot in the left field corner I had an interesting view of the tribute to the seniors in center field. I also only had my 400mm lens. I decided to try a panoramic photo with my 400 which was a first. Three pictures stitched together to make an interesting shot.

The Week in Photos

Last week was one with a  lot of washouts, but then a beautiful weekend made up for all of that. You can see some of my favorite photos from the last week here on my Exposure page. This coming week is another one that the weather may play a part in. If the conditions are good it should be a really good week. A lot of baseball and softball to shoot which is a good thing.


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