Purdue Softball Sweeps Nebraska on Senior Day

Purdue Softball Wins a Big Game on Senior Day

This year has gone by quickly, and it is hard to believe that Purdue softball is already done with their home schedule. The team went out on a high note though by sweeping Nebraska and heading into the Big Ten Tournament with a little momentum on their side. Right now this team seems to have it figured out. They are playing good softball right now and I will be watching them play in Ann Arbor from afar.

The Last College Softball Game of the Year?

The college softball season goes by so fast up north. It seems like the team was just coming home, and now the home season is over. Between Indiana State and Purdue this year I was able to photograph a decent amount of softball, but it never is quite enough. The season comes and goes so quickly that I always feel like I want to cover more.

Shooting the Other Team

On Sunday I pretty much covered the little bit of the game like I was covering Purdue. It is a habit that is hard to break. On Monday though I realized that I am there for fun so why not shoot things that look intestine to me. I wasn’t getting paid so why not have some fun? In that light the red jerseys of Nebraska looked great. I tried to shoot them a few ways, but backlit seemed to work the best. Shooting for the other team at times also gets me out of the way of the photographer being paid to shoot Purdue that day. 

Playing Around

With no real assignment on the day I took just my 400mm lens again to the game. Purdue had someone their to cover the game so I was just playing around with some tight compositions. At f/2.8 the shot above is not easy, but when it works it looks pretty cool. I am a little tighter than I want to be here, but that is part of the fun is forcing yourself to make something interesting.

The Week In Photos

The photos from senior day will be in next weeks edition of the week in photos. The Sunday game though has a few shots in last weeks gallery. It is kind of depressing to think that I only have one week to put softball in my galleries. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.


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