Purdue Walks It Off Against Northwestern

Purdue Is Spoiling Me This Year

For some reason when I just happen to decide to go see Purdue play they decide to walk it off. Last night I was shooting a banquet and it went a little longer than expected. I had my 400mm in the car to go and shoot baseball, but I was thinking about just heading home. I looked at Twitter and saw that the game was tied at one going into the ninth so I made my way over to Alexander Field. That says a lot about this team when I am expecting to see the walk off every time they have a chance. The best part about the walk off is that the player that has not been seeing the field a lot lately comes in as a defensive replacement in the ninth and then walks it off for his team.

Waiting For the Walkoff

I really did not shoot the game the way that I normally would last night. I was kind of waiting around for the walkoff. There was a few times when I had a hunch or something interesting happened that I did some shooting. In a couple of situations when the game was on the line I also photographed the batters as well. You can see my full gallery from the game here.

A Lot on the Line

Purdue is sitting in a good place right now. They are in a tie for fifth place in the Big Ten with seven games left. The top eight teams get into the Big Ten Tournament, and the team that is on the bubble to get in right now is Northwestern. A win Sunday would put Purdue in a very good position. They would have a four game lead over the Wildcats with six games left. The rubber match of the series is a very big game for this team working its way back up to the top.

Anatomy of a Walk Off

I thought that I would close the post off with a series of photos from the walk off. You have already seen an image at the top of the post, but I thought that I would post a series here because it was so fun. These are not all of the frames that I made at the time, but they are some of the frames that tell the story. You can see Hayden Grant making his way from first to home and then the celebration start. From my first click of Hayden until the final click of my shutter I made 80 frames. Here are a few that I liked.


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