Hail Purdue!

Campus Looking As Good During the Night as the Day

One thing that I don’t do enough is to tour campus at night. Under a nice light the campus is amazing at night. Here I was out one night and found a new way to photograph a familiar spot. The bright stars really help make the photo. I love this campus, and I don’t turn my lens to it nearly enough. As this year moves on I hope to change that. This is one time last year though when I had some fun there.

Using the Canon 1DX For Landscapes

On the night I made this photo I was coming home from another job. I had my 1DX with me so that is what I made my photos with. I normally would not take the big camera out for some landscapes, but when pressed into service it responded just fine. Just another example though that the right camera for the job is the one that you have with you. It does help though if that one camera once retailed for nearly $7,000.