Purdue Baseball Walks It Off In the Ninth Inning

A Nice Treat On A Busy Day

Yesterday I had a lot going on, but during a little downtime I went out to Alexander Field to pick up the first set of Purdue baseball cards for the year. I always loved cards as a kid, and to have my photo on the front of a card is something that I still get a big thrill out of. I took my camera and a lens because I can’t go to a game without making pictures. It sounds like it should be easy to just relax and watch a game, but I have the most fun anymore photographing it. I am glad that I brought something because of how the game ended.

How Did They Even Play?

I was having lunch with my family when it was announced that the game would start at 2:00 yesterday. When the announcement was made it was pouring in downtown Lafayette, and looking at the forecast it did not look good to get an entire game in. The Purdue grounds crew did an amazing job getting the field ready, and the rain held off just long enough to play ball.

The Walk Off

I only saw three innings of baseball yesterday. When I arrived St. Louis immediately hit a home run to tie the game up. In my optimistic mind I immediately thought that they helped out with the dinger because it set up the walk off. After the first two outs were made in the ninth I thought that I was optimistic. I was running through scenarios in my mind of how long I could stay and still get to roller derby on time. A stolen base and an error put a runner on third base. A sharply hit ball up the middle by Harry Shipley is all that was needed to give Purdue the win and the series victory.

Getting Behind In My Posts

The last couple of days have been busy for me. I have not had time to sit down and write for the blog. This game was a good place to start as I only saw three innings. I want to be able to spend some time recapping the Indiana State softball senior day and the first home game for the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls. Expect those over the next two days.


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