A Sunrise Flight at the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

Flying Over the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse at Sunrise with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

At the beginning of April I took a family trip to Chicago. I did not have much time to photograph the city, but I did carve out a little time Sunday morning while they were still sleeping. When you only have one sunset or sunrise in a city to photograph you are really at the mercy of the Gods. The night before the sunset was a bust so I really needed that sunrise to be a good one. In one way it really was not a good one. The sky over the Chicago skyline was a bust. The sky over the lake though was very interesting, and it stayed that way for a very long time. The clouds also gave me this narrow band of light that stayed amazing for a very long time. It allowed me to make the photo that you see above. Sometimes the end of one idea is the beginning of a better idea.

What a Difference a Few Feet Make

The photo above was made as I was flying around the lighthouse looking for a good angle. With the quadcopter in a situation like this one I will put my subject below the horizon, and then move to have it above the horizon. This is a good picture, but by going down a few feet I changed the nature of the photo. Having the thin beam of light come from the light of the lighthouse made it much more interesting to me. It is part of working the scene when you visit someplace new.

A Long Wait

This was one of my favorite photos from that trip to Chicago. Right away I really liked the overhead shot of this lighthouse so I posted it first. This was going to be my post the next day, but I wanted to space the lighthouse photos out a little. I posted a shot of the skyline and Navy Pier next. I fully expected to post this within the week, but things happened that got in the way. That is a good thing. When you have to post a photo a day you can sometimes nearly run out of content. This year though I have been lucky enough to have too much content. I will take that any day.


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