The Sunset Of Conflict

Another Great West Lafayette Sunset

Last night the sky seemed ready to light up again as the sunset neared. With no time to head anywhere else I decided to make a photo near my house. I waited until the light was good and flew to a spot where the steeple of a church was in the foreground with the sunset happening in the upper two-thirds of the frame. I don’t know that it was a keeper, but it was a nice picture of the sunset. I don’t know that it would ever have made this blog except…

The Sunset Conflict

After I made the photo I flew back to my house. As I landed my drone in my driveway a man came charging in behind it. Apparently as I flew over his house at 27 miles per hour he thought I might have made a picture of him. I explained that I did not, but as he filmed me I started filming him as well. Why not? It was then that the irony hit me. This man did not want a picture made of him, but now I have this video of him acting crazy. For a while I decided to post that video online. Then I decided to let it go. All throughout our ‘conversation’ I kept telling him that he is not interesting enough to photograph. I think that it is funny that someone sees a drone flying fast overhead, and they assume that I am photographing them. Let me tell you right now that I am not. He was worried about his house being photographed from above. I reminded him that everyone has access to that info thanks to Google Earth. The sad thing is that people like this who are paranoid will bring negative press to people flying quadcopters. I try and stay within the rules so that this hobby can keep going. Someone with a tin foil hat will always be afraid of the thing they don’t understand.


2 Replies to “The Sunset Of Conflict”

  1. They also don’t understand hold wide the angle of view is with Quad Copter cameras. You would have to be really close to get a specific person photo. People are so ignorant and paranoid. Which copter do you have? I have been thinking about getting a Mavic Pro.
    Great post thanks for sharing.

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