Covering the Rankin/Poehlein Invitational

Five Years of Covering the Rankin/Poehlein Invitational

It does not seem like five years since my friend Andy Jessop invited me to shoot the Rankin Invitational. At the time I was just happy to be credentialed at Purdue, and nervous about getting in the way at a track meet. By the next year I was shooting the event for the school, and I have every year since then. One bad thing about being a northern school is the fact that we don’t host a lot of track meets outdoors. This meet used to be two separate meets held about a month apart. The Poehlein was always held in March, and we would get about a foot of snow that week it seemed like. I love shooting track and field, and it would be nice to get more than one event in outside each year.

A Slower Pace

The last track meet that I covered was the MVC Championships for Indiana State. There it seemed like I always had multiple athletes performing at the same time. On Saturday things seemed to work out for me much better. I could not photograph every attempt by every athlete, but I was able to get something of nearly every person. It would be nice to be able to sit around each one to make something amazing for each of them, but a track meet is a hectic place and that is not possible. That is too bad as each of those athletes is really doing something amazing. 

Thanks to the Seniors

This event also serves as the senior day event each year. This year it was a little more special as the senior class being honored was a very special one. Each class is special, but this one is the class that started the movement for Purdue track. This program is rising quickly, and this senior class helped start it all.

My Track and Field Kit

For track and field I think that I carry more weight than any other sport. I have my Canon 1DX mounted on my Canon 400mm lens. I use a Black Rapid dual strap to carry my Canon 7D Mark II attached to my Canon 70-200mm lens and my Canon 5D Mark IV attached to my Canon 24-105mm lens. With this kit I kind of have something for everything. I would like to have an assistant and another 1DX attached to a 600mm lens, but for now this will do.

The Week In Photos

Last week was an extremely fun week of shooting. For once my week in photos post on Exposure has a photo from every day of the week. This year I have made the promise to myself to create something everyday. Just because I create something does not mean that it was good enough for the post though. Some things are made just for myself or as a little experiment. This week though I had seven days of making something really good to me which is cool. It is a good feeling that I would like to follow up on this week as well. You can view my favorite photos from the past week on my Exposure site here. This was another amazing week as I shot Purdue baseball at home for the team and an event for the women’s basketball program here at the school. I have not done either thing since 2014.


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