Spring At Purdue University

Spending Dyngus Day on the Campus of Purdue University

Yesterday we had a great morning so I decided to go for a walk on the campus of Purdue University. It really is cool to have Purdue in my backyard to take a walk through. Of course every time I do I feel just a little older. Spring has a way of making you feel a little younger though. It was a fun walk through a campus that has really seen the best of spring already. There is a new batch of trees starting to show color though so it is all good. The months of everything looking dead are finally over, and life is returning to campus. Pretty heavy stuff the day after Easter.

What Was With the Words Dyngus Day in the Title Above?

If you don’t know, Dyngus Day is a Polish unofficial holiday held the day after Easter. In theory you have given something up for Lent, and on Dyngus Day you can indulge on whatever that is that you gave up. Here in America it has kind of evolved into a day to go out to drink and listen to some good Polka music. My hometown of LaPorte, Indiana makes a huge deal out of the day as does South Bend, Indiana. One of these years I want to go up and make a photo story of the events of Dyngus Day. This week is jam packed though so I thought it best to stay home. It would be a great photo story though although at some point I would have to stop photographing because it starts to get a little crazy. Maybe I could do a story called Dyngus Day After Dark with those photos.

The Week in Photos

Last week was a fun week with some events that I don’t get to shoot very much if at all creeping in to the weekly roundup of my favorite pictures. You can see my Exposure page here. I have fun competing with myself to see if I can up the bar every week. Some weeks I do not, but some I do. I think that this was a good week for me.


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