Purdue Softball Takes on Wisconsin on Easter Sunday

Purdue Softball Battles Wisconsin

Yesterday I was back out at Bittinger Stadium to photograph the Purdue Softball team. I was supposed to head over the softball complex after the drone championships yesterday, but rain Friday night pushed everything back. It was a beautiful day for softball though so why not have a game? Wisconsin took the game 3-1, but Purdue had them squirming in both the 6th and the 7th innings. Softball and baseball are both games of inches. A drive off the bat of Lexi Huffman in the sixth with the bases juiced landed just foul. Had it been fair my gallery would have been much different. That is just how it is sometimes though. This is a fun team to watch win or lose.

The Moments Between the Moments

Most of my favorite photos from the game come between the moments of action. It is impossible to get them all, but I try and get a few of them. Here was a fleeting moment when Stephanie Ramsey was letting her teammate know that she was warmed up prior to an inning. The smile and the thumbs up say it all. This is a game after all so why not have a little fun.

Easter Sunday is a Great Day For the Family at the Ballpark

Walking into the game yesterday I noticed a couple of pairs of bunny ears walking around the stadium. I knew that it would be a good photo op for Easter Sunday, but they just needed to be in the right place. Sitting right behind the plate is about as good as you can get. As I saw the scene I knew that done right it would be the cover of my Exposure page for the day.

Purdue vs. Wisconsin Photo Gallery

I love shooting for Purdue Athletics. Having my galleries up alongside of their great photographers feels very good. As an alum and a fan it always feels good. You can view my gallery for Purdue from yesterdays game here. Next weekend I will shoot for three Purdue teams in three days. It is always fun to stay home and shoot. With that being said I have another trip to Terre Haute planned next week to photograph a fun Indiana State baseball team.

The Unofficial Player of the Game

Sometimes after a game is over you look back through your photos and see that one player dominated your gallery. That player for this game was Stephanie Ramsey. For some reason she was in many keepers. She seemed to be on base quite a bit, and she made some nice plays in the field that I was lucky enough to be on the right side of the field to capture. That is not as easy as it sounds as she shifted from left field to right field. I made one  nice photos of her making a catch in left, and a couple of her making a catch in right. This is just a crazy phenomenon that I run in to during games. One player seems to do a little more in front of my lens. It is not always who I think it is going to be. I try and cover everyone equally, but some get in the gallery more. It is not anything that I am doing on purpose, but sometimes it comes down to luck where I move and when.

The Week In Photos

Part of the fun every week is to compete with myself to make a better gallery of my favorite images of the week. This week was a fun week that was a little different than most have been. A shot both golf and an awards show Monday. Normally I would sneak a photo in from a banquet if I found some cool light, but the SAMYS were cool enough that a few photos made it in. Drone racing Saturday was a highlight as well. I have never shot it before, and I instantly want to photograph it again. Of course any time that I can photograph a bat and ball sport is a good day. This week I was able to shoot baseball and softball. Next week has a lot of baseball in it already before the last minute stuff comes in. It is bound to be a fun week. You can view my favorite photos from last week here.


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