A Stormy Day

A New View On A Stormy Day

Yesterday we had a few storms roll through our area. As they were rolling in I kept taking my drone up to get a birds eye view of the approaching storm. Yesterday afternoon we had a good quick one roll in as I went up to watch it. Just after I made the above photo I heard a large bang behind me. I flew my drone over the busy road that is behind my house only to find a car wreck back there. Shortly after seeing that the rain really started coming down hard. You have to feel bad for people already having a bad day, and then a monsoon comes down on them as well.

The Approaching Storm

I made this photo just before sunset as another storm rolled in. At one point it looked like the horizon would clear leading to an amazing sunset. I went up with the drone again just in case that happened. Some lightning bolts far in the distance gave me another idea. I wanted to capture a bolt of lightning in my photo. The lag from when I press the button to when the drone hundreds of feet away makes the photo makes timing impossible. I ended up just trying to motor drive to get one. Several times I thought that I caught a strike only to see that I did not. This is something that I am not done with even with a little failure tonight.

Playing With Something New

I have been playing with some vertiramas with the drone recently. With my dSLR’s I can change lenses if I am not getting everything that I want in the frame. I can also tilt my camera sideways into portrait mode. I cannot do that with my drone. I have started trying these vertiramas to get what should be a portrait mode with the drone. This is essentially the shot that is in the section above matched with a shot of the stadium. Once again this would have been so much cooler with a bolt of lightning going through the frame, but you can’t have everything. Most of the time Lightroom has trouble with the vertirama so I have to take it into Photoshop to make it. Here though Lightroom had no problem with the photos. This was a quick and easy way to get what I had in my mind done.


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