The Final Resting Place of Abraham Lincoln

Re-Visiting the Final Resting Place Of Our 16th President

A month of so ago I went back to visit the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln. This was a site that I visited in 2007 with my first dSLR, and I always wanted to go back to photograph it again. The day that I was there in 2007 it was overcast, and not very photogenic. Of course as I was driving to the tomb again the skies started to cloud up. Maybe those overcast skies are a good thing though as they convey a mood fitting for the site.

On This Day in 1865

On this day in 1865 Abraham Lincoln was going through his final day on this planet. Little did he know that his decision to attend the play ‘Our American Cousin’ would be one that would end his life. His assassin was determined to accomplish his mission so who knows what would have happened had Lincoln decided to skip the play. Would Booth have found another opportunity to accomplish his goal? We all know now that Booth was able to kill Lincoln, and after a long train ride across the county he was laid to rest in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. That is where the story gets interesting.

When is a Final Resting Place Not Always Final?

The body of Abraham Lincoln went through an interesting journey over the years. After his death the body took a long route from Washington to Springfield so that many people could morn the President. In 1879 the body was nearly stolen by a group wanted to ransom it for release of a friend. In 1901 the casket was once again opened just before it was placed in the above crypt. It was moved 17 times prior to finally finding its place in the photo above. It is covered with ten feet of cement and steel now so Mr. Lincoln should be able to finally rest in peace.

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