Indiana State and Indiana Battle It Out At Bob Warn Field

Indiana Wins a Great Game 2-0

Last night I was back in Terre Haute to see the Indiana State baseball team take on Indiana. This has been the year of me covering midweek games. This is by far the most I have covered since I started doing this for money. Indiana rode one good inning to the 2-0 victory on what turned out to be a great day for baseball. Indiana State threatened a couple of times after that, but could not get the runs across. It was a close enough game though that the tension always remained which usually makes for better photos.

When the Light Is Right

Just as the bottom of the eighth inning was getting ready to end the sun started threatening to finally peak out from behind the clouds. Throughout the game I noticed a narrow slit near the horizon that I hoped would give us a great sunset. That never really happened, but it did provide a half inning of amazing light. With Indiana State out in the field the sun came through the clouds and selectively hit the field. Here second baseman Danny Camilo stands ready as the pitch is thrown. I made some photos of the players getting ready for the ball, but never did get any action in that great light. You are already thanking the Gods of light for what you have. No sense getting greedy and asking for action as well.

Nice Throw Coach

Before the game the new head football coach of the Sycamores Curt Mallory threw out the first pitch. Coach Mallory has brought with him a buzz that you can feel on campus. Sycamore football is really poised to do some good things. He has a great staff on board that has some name recognition in the living rooms of prospective athletes. It is interesting to sit where I do and see the excitement around two football programs as they begin new coaching tenures. I am biased on both counts, but I think that Purdue and Indiana State have both found winners. It will be fun to follow the Sycamores this year to document the first year of the Mallory era.

Sitting on a Play

Last night I had the rare inning where I guessed right on all three outs where the ball would go. I started off excited that I had the first one. You can use all of the right reasoning to be on what should be the right guy, and then baseball happens and the ball goes somewhere else. To get all three outs of an inning is a kind of luck that made me wish I had bought a lotto ticket last night. Being pointed at the right fielder allows you to get that moment of anticipation just before the ball gets there. I like that much more than the actual moment of the catch. I still have yet to get a diving catch or another great play this season, but it will come.

A Long Story

The photo above has a long story behind it that I will not go into on the blog. It is a good one though, and led to this photo later in the day. The coaches at Indiana State really seem to have a closeness that I have not seen before. They all know each other, and they support each other. This quick moment before the game last night was one that I was glad I was near to capture.

Some Good Light

As I said earlier the light was really good in the ninth inning. The game lasted just long enough for the clouds to get highlighted a little by the setting sun. Earlier in the day I watched a great video on the Cubs team photographer Steve Green. He talked about not needing to capture every hit and at bat of players. You are there to document the season. I don’t shoot 81 games like Steve does so I have to focus on the plays a little more. Late in a game though I already had some nice tight shots of Kyle Moore. I went a little wider to capture the amazing sky over the ballpark at the time. The light was fleeting, and was gone before the end of the game. It was pretty amazing during the short time that it was there though.

Happy With My Day

This was the first baseball game of the season where I walked away happy with what I had accomplished. Maybe it was the late light that did it, but whatever it was I was not thinking about lost shots as I left the stadium. The first game of the year is always great because you are shooting baseball again. Finding the baseball rhythm again can take a while. The game is slow, and after covering a fast game like basketball you have to slow yourself down to cover it. Some of the best moments come in those pauses, and you need to be looking for them. In basketball the ball is already headed to the other end of the court. In baseball you have time to think about what is coming up next. This was the first game of the year where I was happy with what I was doing in between the plays.

Filling In The Schedule

Right now I don’t have any baseball until next week when I cover two Purdue midweek games. That is nothing new for me, but what is new is that I will be shooting for the opponent both games. By the end of next week though I will finally shoot for Purdue at Alexander again. The last time I could say that was in 2014. The same weekend I will shoot for the Purdue women’s basketball team as well. These were the first two teams that I shot for at Purdue, and then have not since. It is interesting to me that I break a long dry spell on the same weekend.


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