A Night at Alexander Field

A Quick Flight to See Alexander Field in Action

As I was leaving the softball game Wednesday I could hear the sights and sounds from the baseball game next door. Actually I could hear them while I was editing my images. I have had a lot of fun following the Purdue baseball team through their social media as the played down south to start the season. As the team won I had a familiar feeling to the one that I had in 2012 when I just wanted them to come home so that I could see them in person. Of course their first home game was during a showtime night at the girls dance so I couldn’t attend. I had to get home and pick up my little girl Wednesday so I couldn’t stay and shoot like I would have liked to do either. I did take the quadcopter up really quickly though to get a birds eye view of the action. While flying around the stadiums during the day I realized that this could be a cool angle for a shot of the baseball stadium. I have one other idea that I want to try on another night, but I did get to realize this idea. What a stadium this team now has. It is a far cry from playing in Lambert Field.

When Will I See Them Play in Person?

Next Tuesday Indiana State comes to town so I will finally get to see the Boilers play in person. I love their new uniforms, and I can’t wait to photograph them. It will be weird seeing the two schools that I primarily shoot for play in person. I may have to leave the blue polo at home for a game.


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