A Storm Fueled Sunset

The Storm Clouds Clear in Time For An Amazing Sunset

Yesterday was a crazy day. The sun would be shining on one side of the house while it was pouring down rain on the other. The weather was changing so fast that I made a mental note to be active during the sunset as anything could happen. Of course as life often does it threw me a curveball. My daughter wanted to go to bed near sunset so I was preoccupied doing that, and I forgot about the sunset. After she was asleep I sat on the couch to watch some TV when I noticed a glow outside. The sunset was amazing so I hurried to my quadcopter to get it up in the air. The sun was just setting, and I was very lucky that I was able to get the quad up as fast as I did. This might be my favorite sunset captured with the Phantom 4 Pro.

A Mixed Bag With the Rainbow

As the last rays of light of the day were disappearing a fantastic rainbow appeared as well. I ran out the back door to send my quad up when I saw the rainbow in the sky. That became the primary focus of my flight. I had the quad up earlier to capture an approaching storm, and it was in aperture priority mode. That is the mode I usually shoot in. I just pick my exposure on the screen. While aperture priority works well in most situations it does not work well for a panorama. That is exactly what I decided to do on the fly as the rainbow was so massive. My first couple attempts at stitching the pano did not go well. I finally was able to tweak some of the files to make something that was passable. In the future I need to keep my head a little more so that I can save myself some work and or heartache. Of course I only had a couple of minutes to make my photos so the time saved in the air might have just been what allowed me to make the pano and then turn to photograph the sunset as well.

At the end of the day this is not a terrible photo. I learned a little bit about making a pano from the air which I can use at another time. From every failure comes something in photography. My most famous failure may finally be done making the rounds around town. In 2013 I made a photo of the Purdue football team running out at sunset. I was not terribly happy with the photo, but I did have to post a photo everyday so I put it up on the blog. You can see that post here. As the day went on friends started reaching out, and then it hit a point where it was going somewhat viral. That is still the day with the most amount of hits on this blog. At some point I must have gone back to edit the post because initially I was not too high on the photo. I was kind of embarrassed that so many people were seeing this photo that I knew had so many flaws in it. Imagine my horror as I started seeing it on doors and in the front windows of businesses. For all of that though comes the realization that the photo opened up a lot of doors for me. The photo above is one that man will like. Most will not see the flaws that I do in it. That is the curse of  being a photographer. Of course the day that I am completely happy with every photo that I make may just be the day I sell off my gear.

From The Ground

I thought that I would include this photo to show just what I saw from my vantage point on the ground. In the past I would have been dying inside as I couldn’t leave to capture this. With the quadcopter I was able to just go up above everything to get my shot. This still is not a terrible photo. I don’t know that it would have made the blog though. Thankfully I have a way to get up and above all of the distracting stuff to make something interesting to me. This weekend I hope that I have a couple of opportunities to really test the quad out.


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