Purdue Softball Defeats IPFW

Purdue Softball Defeats IPFW 10-0 in Five Innings

Yesterday I was back at Bittinger Field to photograph Purdue softball. You never know what to expect with a midweek matchup, but Purdue really came to play yesterday. They put the pressure on, and never let up. The won easily 10-0 in five innings. This is exactly what you want out of your midweek matchup. You can save your arms and your bats for the conference games on the weekend.

Here Comes The Rain

I am that weird photographer that actually likes when the weather turns a bit. I am the one always rooting for the football game to be played in a monsoon. The flying mud and water makes for great images. When the rain started coming down yesterday the fans started heading for cover. I covered one of my camera, but kept shooting with the other. I like that it gives you a little different look to the photos from that inning.

Shooting For Real

I was shooting the game for Purdue Athletics. That raises the bar a bit for me while I am shooting. Last weekend I was just shooting for myself, and I don’t get the same juice out of the game as I do when I am shooting for a client. I know that my images will be used, and also that they will be seen by a wider audience when I am photographing for someone. I also went down onto the field pregame to make some images because I was shooting for the team. Normally I try and stay out of the way when I am not shooting for anyone. I love the extra rush that I get when shooting for someone, and I hope that it helps me make better images.

The Little Things

Sometimes my favorite image from a game is not the image of the big play. It is usually something away from the action. The photo above might be my favorite from the game yesterday. It is a quick moment before the game even started between teammates. This is the kind of spontaneous thing that I love to capture. This was one of the first images I made, and was that image that calmed me down. I have talked about it before, but you always have a little nerves flowing until you make your first good image. This one was early in the day, and it calmed my nerves down.

Knowing the Squad

I have photographed this squad a little away from the diamond this off season as they performed some of their community service. Part of why I try not to shoot for the wires and such is to get that familiarity with a team. It helps you blend in after a while, and you are not some stranger stealing images. It really is the end game for my photography, but for now I am looking for the place to do that. Building that trust is key to making better images down the road. Hopefully I get a chance to photograph this softball team a few more times this season.

More Photos From the Game

I have a gallery up on the Purdue Exposure site here from the game. I don’t get to be on the Purdue site often, but when I do it is cool to have my name alongside some pretty darn good photographers. I only had four and a half innings to photograph, but I feel that I had a solid game. Most likely this was my only sporting event for the week so I wish that I had a little more time to make photos selfishly. Next week the schedule looks to be filling up so I will get my fill of sports then I suppose.


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