When It Rains in Ocean City

Rain in Ocean City, Maryland

Last year on our trip to Ocean City, Maryland we ran into a little rain. It rained more than it ever had before on a trip there. For some reason I was okay with it. I would go out as the rain was ending or shortly after it rained to make some photos. You just can’t beat a wet surface reflecting the lights of the businesses on the boardwalk. We didn’t want the rain, but I made the most of it.

Using The Rain To Your Advantage

The rain can be a great thing. Here all I had to do was come down from our condo to make two interesting images. I made the shot at the top of the post, and then turned to my left to make the shot directly above this paragraph. About five minutes or so from when I had the idea for the photos I had two of them. Just a short walk away I made one of my favorite photos from the trip. You can read about that shot here. I also made a shot of a lightning bolt over the boardwalk from the balcony of my condo earlier that night. I really had some success after the storm rolled through. There also is nothing like watching a storm over the ocean.

The Last Ride For the Canon 5D Mark III

This trip last year was the last time that my Canon 5D Mark III went on a vacation with me. In the fall of 2013 with some work coming at Purdue for the indoor sports I bought the 5D3 for the high ISO capability. At the time I only had the Canon 60D, and it had some drawbacks in bad light. The Canon 5D3 was the camera that what I now have was built on. It was my workhorse for a very long time. The Canon 5D Mark IV came out late in 2016 though, and the 5D3 was relegated to back up duties. I still use it a decent amount, but this trip was the last real ride for that camera on a trip. I made many photos with it over the years, and even looking at the photos above I am still really proud of what I was able to do with it. At the end the camera was beat up, taped together, and way past its recommended shutter count. It was still ticking along making great images though.


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