The Ocean City Boardwalk in the Rain

Making the Most Out of a Rainy Day

Yesterday I wrote about the big rainstorm that moved through Ocean City during our stay there. As the rain died down I walked down to the boardwalk to make a few images. I knew that the surface of the boardwalk would be a nice reflective surface that would make for some interesting photos. The boardwalk at night is a really cool place, and when you add in a reflection it becomes a little bit cooler. I may have made more photos on the rainy day than I did on any of the beautiful days that we had there. It was a little different take on the boardwalk than I was used to. That was another big advantage to staying on the boardwalk this year.

Using the GoPro to Capture the Storm Part II

Here is the second video that I made with my GoPro as the storms were rolling through. I really like the new batteries that came out with the 3+ as they add about a half hour to the videos. Even with that said I had to change batteries right as the storm picked up again. That awesome storm is all that is missing during the gap between these two videos. Once again this was a time lapse made with the GoPro using photos taken at five second intervals. This video even has the lightning strike that I turned into the post yesterday. Can you spot the strike?


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