More on Fenway Park

Enjoying the Wonder of Fenway Park

I know that I have made some posts about Fenway Park already on the blog, but I had such a great time there that I thought it deserved a few posts. Fenway was an adventure many years in the making with a few aborted trips to the park. A couple of times work got in the way, but last fall I was finally able to visit the historic park. I made this photo above shortly after walking up on the park. It was my first view of the park so I thought it would be a good lead to this post.

The Oldest Seats in Baseball

Part of the tour allows you to sit in the oldest seats in baseball. As you sit there looking out towards the field you have to wonder just what the people in these seats have seen over the years. A lot of history and great baseball there. Of course some baseball that was not so good was seen as well. As I sat there in these very uncomfortable seats I started thinking that I need to see some baseball in those seats.

This Way to the Monster

Of course the highlight of the trip was heading to the Green Monster. The day that I visited the park was the 41st anniversary of Pudge hitting one over the monster in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series. I was not even born yet, but it is a moment that I remember. My favorite player growing up as a child was Carlton Fisk, and this was his moment. The monster is as cool as advertised. Even the walk to it was pretty amazing.

The Little Things That Make The Ballpark What It Is

You have the big things all over that you want to photograph. The monster, the oldest seats in baseball, the red seat in the outfield, and many more. One thing that I loved though was the other things that make the park so great. The old brick and windows that made the ballpark. This was one little corner that I think many will walk by, but I stopped to make this photo. It will never win any awards, but it is a photo that I liked.

A Pano of it All

While on the tour I made a few panoramas of the park. It was employee batting practice day so my dream of an empty stadium was gone. I did however make some of these that I liked. I will just have to visit the park again to get the empty stadium shots. That isn’t such a bad thing is it? I love how the old ceiling and seats frame the photo here.

Tickets Please

The one thing that the Fenway tour taught me was that I need to see a game there. Seeing the park was fun, but I can only imagine what it is like when it is full of fans. This bucket list item is only half checked off. At some point I need to make it there to see a game. I am ready for a little Sweet Caroline and everything else that comes with the Fenway experience. I have nearly exhausted my empty stadium photos of Fenway. I have held a couple of back though for a rainy day. Or maybe a day when another visit to Fenway is on the horizon.


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