Al MacInnis at the Scottrade Center

The Al MacInnis State at the Scottrade Center

Last year I was so excited to get in and shoot inside of the Scottrade Center that I really ignored the statues outside of it. I think that I made an iPhone photo of the Brett (must not call him Bobby) Hull, but that was it. The skies were never very good so I kept waiting for the next day to do it. On the drive home I remember thinking that I should have just made the photos anyway. As I was walking to the stadium I realized that the conditions were perfect for some stadium shots. The sun was setting with a great yellow glow on everything withe some great skies above. I decided to make some photos before I ever set foot in the stadium. I grabbed my camera out of my bag and made a few images of each of the statues. Maybe a few too many of this one.

Take Your Time Making the Photo Dave

The photo that you see above is not what I had in mind when I walked up to the statue. I actually had my Canon 24-105mm lens on the camera. I was focusing on the statue without much regard to the building behind it. Then I decided to put the building more in the photo as well. I then switched to my Canon 17-40mm lens to get more of the building and sky in the photos. I thought that I had it, but the hockey stick kept blocking the letters spelling out Scottrade Center. I finally found the composition above that I really liked. It was the first statue that I made a photo of, and as I was walking away from it I was thinking to myself that it should not have taken that long to come up with that look. Sometimes you have to work a photo though, and maybe the sun went down just a little more during that process to give a better glow from the left.


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