Spending the Day at the Indiana State Museum

Having Fun at the Indiana State Museum

An early exit by my team in the MVC basketball tournament meant that I would be able to spend the weekend with my family. The oldest had a day planned at the Indiana State Museum with her 2nd grade class promoting the firefly as the state insect. They were there to gather signatures for the project as well as educate the public about it. They also had time to go around and tour the museum. I had never been to the museum before so why not bring my camera and have some fun.

The Importance of the Trip

The 2nd grade class has been trying for a few years to get the Say’s Firefly named as the state insect of Indiana. For some reason right now it is being blocked. You can help convince the lawmakers to help us join the other 47 states with a state insect by contacting your local representative. The kids spent hours at the museum trying to get signatures and spread awareness. It is something that they are passionate about for sure. Say’s Firefly is an Indiana native so it only

The Week in Photos

Last week was an amazing week for me. I was able to shoot Purdue clinching the Big Ten title courtside. A few years ago I would have killed to do that. I had a lot of fun shooting a historic game. Hopefully they do it so much in the future that I will get bored of doing it. I also drove to St. Louis to cover Indiana State in the MVC Tournament for the second year in a row. Things did not go how we thought they would this year, but they did give me some moments to remember. On the way to St. Louis I stopped by Springfield, Illinois to visit Lincoln’s tomb. I had a fun week of shooting, and you can view some of my favorite photos from last week on my Exposure page here. As I write this my week is very much up in the air. This time of year it usually is. March always has a way of bringing work to me though.


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