Indiana State at the 2017 MVC Basketball Tournament

The Indiana State Comeback Bid Falls Short

Yesterday I was back in St. Louis to photograph Indiana State at the MVC Tournament for the second year in a row. For the second year in a row I was headed home after photographing their game against Evansville. This game felt very similar to the game last year. For most of the game Indiana State was just not in it. Evansville ran out to a big lead, and I was having flashbacks to the game last year. When the Purple Aces went up 26 you could see the writing on the wall. Then in the second half Indiana State started chipping away at the lead. They started getting a little closer, and Evansville started to tighten up. The game was suddenly very good with possessions having importance. Indiana State had the lead down to six with less than a minute to play, but in the end they couldn’t complete the comeback.

Saying Goodbye to the Seniors

This was a fun team to watch, and I feel for the seniors. After the Butler upset the sky seemed to be the limit for this team. They had lost some games to that point, but all of them were close losses. If they could just right that ship the season could be a very good one. The close losses turned out to be the theme of the year. It is too bad because this team deserved better. Sometimes though things happen during a season that for some reason change things. This season was just not meant to be for whatever reason for the Sycamores.

The Future Looks Bright

There are some real bright spots that will be back next year. Brenton Scott is just a junior, and he is already over 1,300 points for his career. When he is on as he was at the end of the game Thursday night he is something else. He can take over a game, and put the team on his back. Freshman Jordan Barnes looks like he could be another great player at the point guard position. As a freshman he showed flashes of brilliance. He sparked a couple of the runs that got ISU back into the game. I know the season just ended, but I am ready to see the guys back on the court.

The Scottrade Center

This is now the second year that I have shot at the Scottrade Center. Everything was a little familiar which is a good feeling when you are walking up to the arena. I still need to learn to go around the building on the right side because it is shorter. This year when I came up to the arena I made some photos outside for the gallery and myself. Last year I did a quick overall shot of the stadium, but this year I focused on some of the great statues outside of it as well. The grey skies last year left me saying that I would do that the next day. Of course that never happened, and it was one of my regrets from the trip last year. This year the sky was perfect to make some reflection shots off of the building. This really is a cool arena that seems perfect to host this tournament.

A Quick Exit

With the Thursday night loss it meant that I was headed back to West Lafayette early. This has been an interesting week as far as emotions go. You have the great night Tuesday with Purdue clinching the Big Ten title, and then two nights later Indiana State bowing out of the tournament. I really did not get to explore St. Louis like I did last year. I guess I will have to head back to St. Louis next season to see a little more of the city. In a year they have gotten a bit more done around the Arch, but it is still not back to normal. Maybe next year I can focus on a completed Arch for a few photos. This is a great tournament, and although I could have stayed around to keep shooting it, I opted to head home to spend some time with my family. There is very much the possibility that I will be away the next two weekends so I wanted to take the opportunity to be home when I could. The quick exit also will allow me to shoot the Indiana State senior day for the women’s basketball team today as well.

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