Big Ten Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships Day Two

Day Two of the Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships

The first day of the swimming championship is a pretty easy one session two event deal. It is a great way to kick things off. Day two starts the multi event format with a morning session and a night session. For what I am doing I am only getting paid to be at the night sessions. I have been attending the prelims during the day though to get stuff for myself, but also to get some action shots that I would not get at night. We are more focused on the emotion and the event for what we are doing, but I am almost shooting the action during the day like a videographer would shoot b-roll. The little action compliments the story, and it is fun to shoot as well.

Slowing Things Down

If you have ever shot swimming then you know that the freestyle gives you very little to photograph. The head only comes out of the water for a second, and it may or may not be on your side of the pool. A long event such as the 500 freestyle can seem like forever unless you give yourself a challenge. I played the how low can I go game with my shutter speed. I just keep going lower until I can’t get a usable image. With a stroke like the freestyle it makes it harder, but when you get something good it makes it that much more rewarding. I love how the water smooths out into an almost painting like look. As I said on social media yesterday, this is not for anyone else usually. This is just for me to make a pretty picture.

When Your Team Medals

During the second night Kaersten Meitz was having a heck of a swim. As the 500m freestyle moved on her team was getting more and more animated. I was across the pool from the team where Kaersten was swimming, but I made my way as fast as you can on a slick pool deck to a spot in front of the Purdue team. I wanted their reaction to the performance. As Kaersten finished third and medaled the team went crazy, and I was rewarded with some nice photos.

More Photos From Day Two

Here is an Exposure page that I was a part of from day one of the championships. It is just based on the Purdue side, but it still has some images in it that I am pretty proud of. Since I am writing this late the page for day two is up here as well if you want to look ahead a bit.


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