Big Ten Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships Day One

Lots of Emotion at the Opening Night Relays

Thankfully this is not a news source so I don’t have to post things as they happen. The races featured in the post actually occurred on Wednesday night as the Big Ten Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships opened up. Last year I helped cover the men’s Big Ten Championships at Purdue, and they were a blast to cover. You finally see some emotion in swimming. This was one event that I had marked on my calendar to shoot if I was getting paid or not this year. I love the spontaneous moments that occur throughout the week. It is impossible to get the all, but the fun is trying to do so.

Putting the Action on the Back Burner

For the opening night I really did not shoot much action. In fact I made the picture above of a Purdue swimmer, and one other of an Illinois swimmer during the night. The rest of my efforts were spent trying to capture the emotion of the night. As the week goes on I usually make more action images during the prelims, and then when the Big Ten Championship is on the line I focus on the emotion. That worked well last year, and hopefully will work well again this year.

More Photos From Night One of the Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships

Here are a few bonus photos from the night that I liked. With only two races on the night it was a quick one, but I still made some photos that I really liked.


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