Big Ten Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships Day Three

The Emotion Starts to Heat Up On Day Three of the Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships

Friday night was the finals for day three of the Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships on the campus of Purdue University. It seems as if the emotion is ramping up with each day as the Big Ten Tournament Championship gets closer. Each race means more to the teams in contention. On the flip side is the fact that some racers are now starting to compete in their final collegiate races. There were some genuine moments Friday night that I was lucky enough to capture. As I write this I am just a few hours away from shooting the finals. Last night I did not really shoot the action, but rather I sat on a few situations where I thought emotion might come into play. Tonight I plan on doing the same thing. At this point teams have action shots from throughout the season. Getting tight shots of the swimmer in the pool does not show the setting. I have been trying to show what it feels like to be on the pool deck at the Big Ten Championship. Those are the photos I think that will stick around from this tournament.

Lilly King Breaks Records

One of the stars of the event has to be Lilly King. It is no secret that I love Purdue. Some people think that you should dislike all things IU, but in reality those are kids just like the ones on our teams. One of the Indiana swimmers is not like any other kids though. Lilly King smashed the Pool, School, Big Ten, NCAA, and American records for the 100m Breaststroke last night by knocking over 30 seconds off of her previous best time. She really is the star of the event, and one reason that Indiana is near the top of the leaderboard overall. I made a point of making some photos of her over the course of the week to document this run she is on.

Shooting the Action in the Prelims

One thing that I decided during days two and three of the tournament was to get my action shots in during the prelims. My job during the event was not to get a tremendous amount of action, but rather the podiums and emotion of the event. As a sports photographer I love capturing emotion, and that is a great job for me to do. I also like shooting swimming as I don’t get to do it as often as I would like to do. With that in mind I went to the prelims with the action as my priority. The emotion is not there as much so I can focus on making some images of the swimmers. So far in the championship this has been a good strategy as I was able to get the swimmers in the pool, and then at night focus on the emotions of the night. For the final night I will not be able to attend the prelims, but I think that I have one job one the final night, and that is to cover the emotions that the teams are going through. Two teams have a great shot at the overall title, and of course with a good night a couple of other teams can get into that picture as well.

Photographing the Divers

This season I had not shot diving yet. The two teams that I have covered during the year do not have a diving squad. So of course my first diving of the year comes at the Big Tens. I didn’t have to get much of the diving, but I photographed some of it just to get some in this year. I like the beauty of it, and I need to find a time to get serious and dial up my diving coverage a bit.

More Photos From the Night

I put together an Exposure page with my favorite photos from the night that you can find here. It is on the Purdue Exposure site so it is all about Purdue, but I am very proud of some of the images in it. Give it a look. Tonight I will be putting together my Exposure post on my site with some of my favorite photos from the week in it. With four days of a tournament in a row it should be a good one. My landscape and quadcopter photography took a hit this week, but I made some images that I really like.


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